Monday, March 22, 2010

Email me ASAP

Only a few people emailed me about which paper they are using for GP.
I need to know. At this point, I will only provide feedback on papers that are going into the Grad Portfolio...after defenses finish, I will help you to revise any other work that you want to improve.

GP Reflection DUE FRIDAY!

Please make sure that you submit your reflection by Friday (and use the rubric, we do not have much time for edits/revisions)

General feedback on Lit. Analysis papers:

-Paragraphs are light (short), take some more time to give background/context and all papers need more analysis.
-ANTIGONE IS A GREEK TRAGEDY (not Greek mythology)
-Be sure that you have the best possible is ok to use something different if it works better
-AVOID outrageous claims as your arguments "Challenging authority makes you a leader" (not necessarily)
-Both texts DO NOT have to address the same argument, don't force it if it doesn't work. We have used a template/framework for writing our papers, but you do not have to use it. So if an argument works for only one text, then only discuss that text only.

Finally, when we score papers together as a class or in small groups, you all are tough! Take the same amount of time with your paper and the rubric before you resubmit. I am not seeing drastic revisions or improvements. We are at the stage of fine tuning.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grad Portfolio Reflection

I know you all are still revising your Literary/Textual Analysis, but it's time to start working on your reflection. You may remember a few weeks back, I gave you a few prompts for you to consider about your experiences with reading and writing. Those prompts come from the Grad Portfolio Handbook.

The attachments below show the reflection task (follow all directions and answer the questions related to English) and the rubric for the reflection. Your reflection has to be proficient too!

I will give feedback on drafts by this weekend if you have already emailed them to me. If you haven't yet emailed me a revised draft, do so by Friday.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grad Portfolio Artifact

As of last week, all of you should have decided which Literary/Textual Analysis piece you would like to use in your portfolio. Many of you have told me and have begun revising...however, some of you have not yet told me.

I would like each of you to email me and tell me which piece you are working on and send me a revised draft by Friday. Make sure that you have had at least 2 people give you feedback before submitting it to me. At this point, we are fine tuning your writing (not starting from a draft). I want to see dramatic changes in your revised drafts (with a goal of proficient/advanced in every column).


Monday, March 1, 2010


After looking over a few papers, it is apparent that transitional sentences are an issue. It is important to connect paragraphs together with transitional sentences.
See the hand-out with examples.

Continue revising today.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Only half the class turned in a draft of the essay...don't get the senioritis too soon. Progress reports are coming out in the next week and you still have a Graduation Portfolio to complete and defend!

Some of you will be working on a finishing a draft today. Those with a complete draft...take a look at these model body paragraphs to get an idea of how much context/background you need as well as transitions.

Have a partner read your essay and give you feedback. Grab a rubric from me or use the one attached.



Monday, February 8, 2010

NWEA Testing Monday, February 8th

Complete draft of rhetorical analysis due Friday, February 12