Monday, March 22, 2010

GP Reflection DUE FRIDAY!

Please make sure that you submit your reflection by Friday (and use the rubric, we do not have much time for edits/revisions)

General feedback on Lit. Analysis papers:

-Paragraphs are light (short), take some more time to give background/context and all papers need more analysis.
-ANTIGONE IS A GREEK TRAGEDY (not Greek mythology)
-Be sure that you have the best possible is ok to use something different if it works better
-AVOID outrageous claims as your arguments "Challenging authority makes you a leader" (not necessarily)
-Both texts DO NOT have to address the same argument, don't force it if it doesn't work. We have used a template/framework for writing our papers, but you do not have to use it. So if an argument works for only one text, then only discuss that text only.

Finally, when we score papers together as a class or in small groups, you all are tough! Take the same amount of time with your paper and the rubric before you resubmit. I am not seeing drastic revisions or improvements. We are at the stage of fine tuning.


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